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Bowing Walls
Offering Residential and Commercial Concrete Leveling and Foundation Repair
We can repair your bowing basement wall by excavating the exterior of the wall and straightening the wall with our special braces. The braces anchor to the floor and push the wall back to its correct position. If it is a block wall, holes will be drilled along the top of the outside part of the wall in every cell of the block. We then insert rebar in the holes before we grout the wall solid. The holes are then patched and the braces come off the inside. The wall then is backfilled with existing soil or sand depending on job circumstances. In the case where it is a poured wall, the walls are straightened in the same way but held in place with either a helical tieback (shown below) or with heavy duty I-beams.

Exterior waterproofing is usually recommended to be done before the backfill process takes place.

Signs of Basement Wall Problems
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